What is Pomifera Oil?

Pomifera Oil! Clinically proven and has shown effectiveness with all kinds of skin issues and conditions. If you haven't heard of it before - check this out. Not claims. Science.

This is a hedge ball. You might have heard it called by another name; monkey ball, osage orange, horse apple, monkey brains, maclura orange, geelhouts, or even mock oranges. They're all the same. The tree these inedible fruits fall from is the Osage orange tree - that's the official name. It's got a bumpy, sticky, light spring green exterior and in warmer climates it even turns orange (hence the mock orange name). Slice into one and you'll find there's a super sticky, milky white sap inside. It smells fantastic - light and citric. The tough fruit's innards are so sticky that it's been used as a glue and lacquer.

The fruit and wood of the Osage orange tree contains tetrahydroxystilbene, an anti-fungicide that may deter insects, so some folks scatter these around the house to keep bugs away. The wood of the tree is very strong and highly resistant to rot. It's used for fences and ship masts (and Native Americans used it for war clubs and bows). Long before it was cut and made into wood, the trees themselves were planted to create natural fencing to keep livestock in - the incredible thorns of the trees were the original barbed wire, but the trees can get enormous, the thorns are long and sharp, and the fruit is messy. The fruit has been long thought of as 'junk' that cluttered the landscape, and sadly could hurt the cattle (who try to eat it whole and end up with it lodged in their throat). The farmers who use the trees as fences for the benefit of the strong wood and thorns, then also have a problem and need to clean up all the osage oranges.

As it turns out, the junk fruit has some seeds with some mighty power. The seeds can be extracted and cold pressed resulting in pomifera oil. That's the part that matters to you - check out what this oil is!

Pomifera oil is antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and has antioxidant properties that make it absolutely phenomenal for your skin. Applied topically, it has been shown to offer the same pain relieving effects as aspirin. On a molecular level, pomifera oil molecules are so small that the oil can deeply penetrate to the next layer of skin cells to repair damage from age and environment. Because it dives in deep, this makes it effective for calming and healing skin conditions like cold sores, acne, rosacea, eczema, the signs of time and even athlete's foot. The tiny molecules in pomifera oil make it an excellent partner for serums, lotions and other oils - pulling them deeper into the skin and maximizing the benefit you receive. What does this mean to you?

  • Incredible skin hydration

  • Stimulate collagen production

  • Improved facial skin texture and tone

  • Fade Dark spots / hyperpigmentation

  • Powerful scar and pock mark reduction (discoloration and depth)

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles, restore youthful appearance

  • Clear complexion - heals and protects against whiteheads and blackheads

  • Increases nail strength and growth

  • Moisturizes and heals cuticles

  • Prevention of (and treatment for) hangnails and fungal infections

  • Reduced healing time and irritation for cold sores

  • Reduced healing time for tattoos, scrapes, minor and major wounds (including from surgery)

  • Treatment for sore and aching muscles and feet

  • Removes High Performance / Highly Pigmented makeup (even theatrical)

  • Rapid Sunburn healing and pain relief

  • Smoothes, nourishes and strengthens hair

Gotta get it? I love it too! Pomifera oil blends can replace so many items in the cabinet.

Consider Healing Oil (for larger areas of the body) and Pomifera Rose Serum (it's just the name - no roses involved) for facial application AND for adding a drop or two to other lotions, serums or creams over larger areas of the body.

Not only are Pomifera products formulated in the USA, but they are manufactured here as well. When you purchase from Pomifera, you are helping us support and grow local areas of rural Iowa.